Ron Martino, Potter & Owner of Mississippi Clayworks

Forty five years ago I started using a potters wheel to create hand-thrown stoneware pottery for my customers. I designed a gas fired kiln that holds over one hundred pieces of pottery and I formulated all of the glazes I use on my pots. Since that time, I've made many improvements in style, technique and materials. I believe the pottery I produce is some of the finest to come off a potters wheel!

In 1991, I started Mississippi Clayworks, located in Historic Downtown Hastings, Minnesota. Mississippi Clayworks is dedicated to producing quality stoneware pottery that is unique, functional and affordable. Glazes and clay body used are chosen for their high strength as well as scratch and chip resistant finish. The pottery is fired to a high temperature to insure durability And long life!

All the stoneware pottery products produced by Mississippi Clayworks are made from natural, food safe, non-toxic materials. Stoneware pottery items can be used in convection and microwave ovens and cleaned in a dishwasher.

The Spirit of the Potter

The spirit of the potter
is fused into the shape of his clay.
He blends all his knowledge of the forming,
the glazing, the decorating, the firing,
so every piece from his hand is as much his own
as his signature and his heartbeat.

Ron Martino